AutoX xTaxi early rider program

AutoX is introducing the first robo-taxi service in California! If you live in the 95054 and 95134 areas of north San Jose/Santa Clara, apply for AutoX's xTaxi early rider program and be one of the first to use our Level 4 self-driving car to get around safely. As one of our first riders, you'll get free rides for the duration of the early rider program in exchange for providing your feedback, thoughts, and experience to the AutoX team. Together we will shape the future of mobility and transportation!

To get started, tell us a bit about yourself and your typical commute.

If you are unemployed, please enter "N/A".

Non-Disclosure Agreement

The early rider program is confidential, so we ask you to agree to an NDA and keep your feedback just between us.

I agree to AutoX Non-Disclosure Agreement.